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Acne Scars

Acne scars are the unfortunate permanent after-effect of the infectious pimples that so many of us experience in adolescence. Whether described as “boxcar scars” or “rolling scars,” these are an unwanted reminder of the poor complexion of our youth. Some people get acne scars as a result of poor skin coaching at the time of the active acne outbreaks. Other people simply have bad luck when it comes to their skin recovering from the outbreaks. Fortunately, with the help of dermatologists’ active management of acne as a true medical and psychosocial condition, it is now quite uncommon.

The chronic scars can be addressed in a variety of ways and we are happy to consult with patients regarding minimally invasive treatments up to and including our Vanish protocol—a deep undermining followed by laser treatment that has been shown to make 70-100% improvement with a single office-based procedure. More minimally invasive options include a series of chemical peels or laser resurfacing treatments to flatten the peaks of the acne scars to make the surface of the skin smoother. Like any laser treatment, acne scar therapy can be tailored to an individual’s work or school schedule depending on the depth of laser treatment prescribed. We like to address chronic acne scarring after the acute episodes of acne have concluded.