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Breast Cancer

Among Michigan women, breast cancer is the most common newly diagnosed cancer. While everyone is aware of the increasingly common diagnosis, that familiarity does not provide much consolation when it affects a family member or loved one. At The Center, we keep this in mind when consulting with patients from around all of Northern Michigan. It is our passion to tailor reconstructive techniques to patients with breast cancer so as to achieve absolutely optimal aesthetic outcomes in the face of an otherwise frustrating and confusing time. Reconstruction is a process that often takes many visits. As such, we have come to meet so many of our good friends in the practice through the unfortunate and sudden diagnosis of breast cancer. Many say that when all is said and done, the breast reconstruction is what gave them hope and provided a distraction from the difficulties and uncertainties of cancer. We are proud to be involved in the care of these courageous women.



“Upon first hearing that I had breast cancer, my immediate response was to get a mastectomy—and as soon as possible. Dr. Jeffries and everyone at The Center not only worked me in, but took extra time with my spouse and me to understand all of our options. The journey was never easy and I had a few bumps in the road, but I was never alone. My calls were always answered and my voice was always heard. If you have breast cancer and are looking for options, please take the time to meet this amazing crew—their experience and knowledge will help you decide what choice is right for you.”

– Jennifer