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Eye Bags

We understand that bags under the eyes can come in multiple varieties and can start at almost any age from the 30s to the 70s.  Fortunately, with our approach to new technology and cutting edge techniques, we offer differential treatments for each of these individual cases.

A patient in her 30s may present with a very slight protrusion of fat, which is ordinarily situated to cushion the eye. This presents as a dark circle or a slight beginning of a groove as the eyelid meets the cheek near the nose. These patients are typically great candidates for filler treatment such as Juvéderm or Restylane to the groove which is forming below the bag. No surgery! Sometimes as skin excess becomes noticeable, filler treatment can be improved with the addition of laser skin tightening to the lower eyelid.

As we age and the bag becomes more pronounced, a minimally invasive surgery may be recommended. This often includes an office procedure in which a sliver of skin is removed and filler or fat added to the groove below the eyelid. This is an ideal treatment for someone in their 40s or early 50s who desires correction of eyelid bags, but without the downtime of traditional surgery.

Finally, as the eyelid ages more severely and the bags become more pronounced, a full surgical eyelid lift may be recommended.

Our surgeons always incorporate a full facial analysis into their appreciation for the eyelid area and they can help recommend the proper constellation of treatments should a surgical correction of the eyelid be warranted. We also provide a thorough overview of the anatomy of the aging process and its affect on your skin, including the effects on the eyelids, where aging can be particularly pronounced. We specialize in recommending and providing a harmonious outcome without the overdone appearance that our clients are hoping to avoid. Click here to return to the Eye Bags page.