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Rosacea & Redness

Rosacea is a common condition that results in a reddish tint to the skin and can be attributed to multiple factors. For some it is genetic, while for others it relates to hormonal changes, sun exposure and diet. A condition with such a wide number of causes certainly can be treated by multiple types of physicians and, to date, there has not been a single cure or best treatment identified for rosacea. But at Copper Aesthetics, we like to take a comprehensive approach to your skin and will suggest a variety of options to help treat this bothersome condition.

An evaluation for rosacea begins with a Visia skin analysis. This revolutionary tool scrutinizes your skin on multiple levels using infrared cameras to detect blemishes both large and small. In the case of rosacea, we can identify the red blood vessels in the skin that are responsible for the red-tinted complexion that you may see. From here, we can design a treatment protocol to effectively deal with your rosacea. Options include: creams (in combination with a solid skin care regimen), Broadband Light (BBL), and Halo, the world’s first fractionated non-ablative laser treatment, which has been proven excellent for treating pigmentation in the skin.

Unlike other skin care providers, we expect and assure a tremendous result by regularly rechecking your skin in the Visia photo booth after your treatment regimen is complete. We are committed to improving your skin’s health and developing satisfied, happy clients. Click here to return to the Rosacea page.