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Unwanted Scars

Scars come in all shapes and sizes and, unfortunately, sometime they are widened, thickened, itchy, red or all of the above. At The Center we offer a comprehensive analysis of scars and their management. Our minimally invasive techniques include laser treatments, which direct laser light at areas of red or brown color, as well as resurfacing procedures which literally erase the evidence of the previous trauma or procedure. In more severe cases, we consult with you regarding the potential for surgical scar revision and our surgeons will work with you to devise an operative plan that will hide or minimize your scarring.


Scar Revision

“Dr. Thomas is so down to earth and very professional. I really felt like he got to know me as a person and understood what I was looking for before he even talked about helping me with a procedure. The improvement I’ve seen is fantastic and I’m so happy with the work he’s done for me.”

– Steve