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Wrinkles come in many sizes and shapes and, unfortunately, they pop up all over the body. They are the result of changes in tissue composition as we age but also environmental and sun exposure, eating habits, skin care (or lack thereof!), smoking and just plain bad luck. The areas of concern are usually forehead, eyelids, cheeks and lower face. Together, Copper Aesthetics and The Center for Plastic Surgery has treatment plans designed for each of these areas, customized for your particular situation.

We are committed to offering the absolute state of the art in noninvasive, minimally invasive and surgical approaches to wrinkles. Some people have fine line wrinkles of the eye lids — the thinnest skin in the body. For these individuals, a laser treatment with three to seven days of downtime can provide a world of difference and make lasting improvements for decades. For others, wrinkles are more coarse or severe and require either deeper laser treatments or a full surgical option. This would typically address the sagging skin in the neck, cheeks and jowls.

Your in-depth consultation will include recommendations along this entire spectrum. We respect our clients individuality and our consultations typically involve a discussion of your needs and wants as well schedule flexibility. We understand that no one operation or procedure fits every patient. We promise that we can design a treatment plan that respects your desires, time and budget. Click here to return to the Wrinkles page.