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Skin Care

Your skin speaks volumes about your health and vitality. To refresh and restore confidence and a youthful glow, we offer a full menu of aesthetic skin care services to enhance your natural beauty. In consideration of your specific skin condition and beauty goals, our skin care specialists can recommend one or a combination of treatments to get you feeling fabulous. All services are performed in the comfort of our in-clinic treatment rooms. Best of all, aesthetic skin care procedures are backed by our Board Certified plastic surgeons, Steven V. Thomas, MD, FACS and Christopher C. Jeffries, MD, FACS. Their advice and expertise is always available upon request.


Halo & BBL

I spent way too much time in the sun during my teens and through my 30’s. Johnson’s Baby Oil, zero sun protection… you get the picture. I’m also a former smoker. Lines, brown spots and sun damage—oh my! As I got older, it all surfaced and then… I met Amanda at The Center. She introduced and educated me on several procedures that could treat multiple skin issues. She and the skin care staff are experienced, knowledgeable and delightful and the atmosphere and surroundings are wonderful.”

– Marlene