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Sun Damage

Sun damage occurs in all weather conditions, even at our colder Northern Michigan latitude. UVA and UVB rays penetrate the skin and, when taken in moderation, this UV exposure activates melanocytes in the skin that give us a pleasant tan. But as sun exposure increases and it becomes additive over the years, sun spots or depositions of melanocytes begin to appear. This can also be associated with changes in the skin texture, creating wrinkles. In addition, certain environmental factors and personal factors (such as smoking) can contribute to the aged look of the skin.

At Copper Aesthetics, we offer multiple treatment solutions to fix sun damaged skin, including Advanced Broadband Light (BBL). This treatment uses laser broadband light to penetrate the skin surface without cutting. The light is taken up by sun damaged skin and, in particular, dark spots until the pigment is destroyed. Over the next five to seven days, this pigment surfaces and brushes away from the skin’s surface, leaving a luminous complexion. Sometimes multiple treatments are recommended depending on the duration and depth of your sun exposure. Click here to return to the Sun Damage page.